UsbFix Free 10.021

UsbFix Free 10.021

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Keeping your USB devices – be it a memory stick or an external hard disk – is just as important as putting the utmost care in preventing your computer from being infected by any virus attack. UsbFix offers you a colorful utility that will analyze your USB devices in search of any threat that may not only harm your external drives but also infect and damage your computer, and will clean them up in a snap.
Its surprisingly vivid interface is a well-organized one, displaying all the main functions in one single window with large colorful buttons. The “Optimize” feature will seek for unnecessary files that are taking up precious disk space, providing you with a short report of the amount of space that you will be getting back in each of the drives connected and giving you the possibility of getting rid of all of those junk files with just one click. Regrettably, this is an “all or nothing” option, which means that you cannot decide which files you want to keep and which need to go.


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